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  Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Small Waste Incinerator

>Model TS10 PLC

>Model TS20 PLC

>Model TS30 PLC

>Model TS50 PLC

>Model TS100 PLC

Animal Crematory

Model A360

Model A900

Model A1200

Model A1500

Model A2400

Model A4000

Burn Rate(Kgs/hour)

> 10kgs per hour Incinerator

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> 30kgs per hour Incinerator

> 50kgs per hour Incinerator

> 100kgs per hour Incinerator

> 150kgs per hour Incinerator

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> 500kgs per hour Incinerator

Waste Incinerator



    We, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., based at Nanjing city, eastern of China mainland. We are manufacturer and seller of Incinerator Equipment for medical waste, pet/animal cremation and other solid waste treatment. Our philosophy is to continually improve our technology in line with the growing needs of the environment and our customers. All of our incinerators are constructed to the highest standards for durability, usability and safety. The design of the incinerators make them simple installation and operation requirement.

 Medical waste refers to infectious or toxic waste generated during the process of medical care, medical prevention, scientifical research or other related activities such as surgical gowns, gloves, disposable syringes, disposable transport tubes, waste paper, bandages, medicine bottles, residual liquid medicine, certain kind of daily disposal, infectious garbage etc.

 Clover Medical supply medical incinerator, capacity from 10kgs per hour to 500kgs per hour.

Key Features:
* All model with Double combustion chamber (AB chamber).
* High temperature, long lifetime of incinerator.
* Free or minimum installation on site.
* High burn rate of up to 500kg per hour.
* Design for medical waste and animal cremation.
* One year warranty on incinerator.